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Traffic Solutions in Metro Manila

There will be year long projects starting today until the year 2016. It will almost always be traffic everywhere for the next two years. What do you think the government should do? What do you think individuals should do to lessen the congestion of metro manila? Here are a few solutions from around the net we’ve scraped up.

  1. Daytime Truck ban in the Metro – This will initially be beneficial, however, it will be problematic for small and medium enterprises if there are delays in deliveries.
  2. Increase Tax on automobiles to lessen buying of new cars. – This will be an effective solution the decreasing the number of new cars being bought everyday. There will be less cars in the future.
  3. Ban very old cars in the Metro – This will hurt many people especially those that cannot afford new cars. This will also hurt car enthusiasts.
  4. Higher Road Taxes – Higher Road Taxes will mean less people wanting to drive their own car because of the higher taxes to be paid.
  5. Enforce the law by lessening street vendors occupying the sidewalk – Some people may say that street vendors are occupying the sidewalk, forcing pedestrians to walk on the road. Enforcing this law will in effect widen the drivable road.
  6. Enforce jaywalking laws – In connection with the last  one, this will lessen people on the roads.
  7. No Green Plate Day on EDSA – No private vehicles on EDSA on certain times.

There’ve so many solutions that have been ineffective in taming the traffic jam in the Metro. I hope in the future, that we develop a long term solution to the problem.

E-Jeepneys to Roam Quezon City


Quezon City will have the COMET or the City Optimized Managed Electric Transport) which are electric jeepneys that will soon replace the jeepneys.

The COMET will be using a cashless system which will make use of credit-loaded cards.

LTFRB Revokes Don Mariano Transit’s franchise

The Land Transportation Franchise and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has revoked the franchise of Don Mariano Transit. The bus line was in a vehicular accident where in one Don Mariano Bus fell of the Skyway.

Don Mariano Bus

Don Mariano Bus

The LTFRB first suspended the Don Mariano franchise for 30 days. The LTFRB has also cited multiple violations of the said bus line.

Be Ready for the All New Toyota Corolla 2014



The Toyota Corolla, marked as the 5th best selling car in the US and the best selling car in the Philippines has released its 2014 model.

The New Toyota Corolla sports a roomier and larger sedan. It is said to drink less gasoline than its predecessors.

Bill to set Speed Limits on Major roads


Skyway SLEX

Rep. Enrique Cojuangco of the 1st district of Tarlac has proposed a bill seeking to set speed limits to minimize fatal vehicular accidents just like the fateful Don Mariano Accident.

“The bill seeks to update the present rules and regulations on road safety and traffic management by including freeways or the controlled access highways in the classifications of roads and set a uniform speed,” Cojuangco said.

The bill will cover all major expressways especially the North Luzon Expressway, South Luzon Expressway, Metro Manila Skyway, Subic Clark Tarlac Expressway, Southern Tagalog Arterial Road, Bataan Provincial Expressway and the Manila Cavite Expressway.

Here are some of the prescribed speeds in the bill:

  1. On open country roads with no blind corners and not closely bordered by habitation is 80 kilometers per hour for cars and motorcycles and 50 kilometers per hour for buses and trucks.
  2. On boulevards, clear of traffic with no blind corners, the speed limit for cars and motorcycles is 40 kilometers per hour and 30 kilometer per hour for trucks and buses.
  3. On city and municipal roads with light traffic, the speed limit for cars and motorcycles is 20 kilometers per hour and 30 kilometers per hour for trucks and buses.
  4. On crowded streets, approaching intersections at blind corners, passing school zones, the speed limit is 20 kilometers per hour for cars and motorcycles and 20 kilometers per hour for trucks and buses.

Bohol is back in Business

After a tragic 7.2 magnitude earthquake that left the province in a lot of ruin, Bohol is getting back on its feet. Bohol’s tourist attractions are ready to be visited once again. Future plans are to create new tourisms areas, and management crises plans.

On a lighter news, here’s a restaurant in Laoag City that’s cheap and affordable:


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