21 Dead after Bus fell off Skyway, And How You Can Prevent Being Involved

News yesterday shocked everyone when a bus fell off Skyway. Don Mariano, the bus transit involved, has a track record of accidents involving its bus. The Metro Manila Development authority is now considering the suspension of the whole Don Mariano fleet. However, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board suspended the franchise of Don Mariano.

Don Mariano Bus

Don Mariano Bus

This is an unfortunate incident that no one should be involved in. Here are a few tips on avoiding these accidents:

  1. Avoid Buses that you know overspeed – If you take buses always, then you know that a lot of buses overspeed especially in Commonwealth, East Avenue and some parts of EDSA. Avoid them.
  2. Most buses involved are usually ordinary buses. Avoid them.
  3. Use your own vehicle or rent a car – This way, you are more involved in how safe you will be on the road instead of the driver. You cannot of course predict actions of another driver.
  4. Avoid traveling very early in the morning, if you can help it. Most people don’t have the luxury to not travel early in the morning. The reason behind this is that most drivers speed in the early morning when there are no MMDA officials.

Overspeeding has always been an issue especially with buses involved in accidents. The best way to avoid these accidents is that you don’t avoid them entirely. Avoid overspeeding and avoid traveling in accident-prone areas.


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